Biblical Emphasis in a Christian Education

Teaching the Relationship Between God and Man

The highest pursuit of the Christian’s mind is to think the thoughts of God. Since academic training is designed to develop one’s understanding, academic training for the Christian should focus on teaching who God is and how man should live under His authority. As Solomon summarized,

“Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecc. 12:13b).

Logos Academy - Affordable Christian School

Of all academic disciplines, biblical and theological studies alone pursue this goal, since they alone study the Creator rather than the creation. Therefore they are the queen of the sciences, which Logos Academy seeks to make the heart of its curriculum. To this end, all graduates of the Academy will have spent three years studying every chapter of the Bible, will have read the entire Bible and will have memorized select passages. They will have spent another three years studying systematic theology topics and will have studied two years of New Testament Greek. Our goal is to make all of our students competent in biblical and theological studies.

The Logos Academy recognizes that mastering any academic discipline requires specialized training. This need is quite apparent in biblical and theological studies, since the Christian faith rests wholly on a body of ancient literature, our Bible, which is far removed linguistically, culturally, chronologically and geographically from twenty-first century America. One need only thumb through the Greek New Testament to realize that its authors wrote in a language and a culture very different from ours. It is because of this gap that Christianity has always been a religion of education. Wherever the gospel has spread, there has been the need that its recipients be trained in the Bible formally in order to understand, live and teach its truth faithfully and to pass this heritage on to their children. Logos Academy exists to meet that need.

Logos Academy: Offering Quality & Affordable Christian Education

Logos Academy is a Christian school supporting home-centered, college preparatory education majoring in the Bible and theology. A major drawback to most Christian schools is that they are simply too expensive. We make Christian education affordable and therefore accessible to most Christian families.

  • K – 12 Education – Logos Academy has a full curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grades.
  • Christian Focus – Bible is taught at all grade levels.
  • New Testament Greek – Logos Academy is unique in offering New Testament Greek for 7th -12 grade students . There are no prerequisites.

By parent partnering we not only involve parents actively in their children’s education, but also keep our costs to a minimum. Our goal is to teach the Bible and theology to as many students as possible. We do this by making education affordable.

Contact Logos Academy today to enroll or to discuss your Christian education needs at 817.881.5533 – or contact us by email.

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